i think 90% of people are dyslexic to the point that they see the word "halloween" as "let's run around half naked". it's ridiculous. i don't go out for halloween, and i'm not hating on people that do, but if i were to dress up this year i would dress up as a FULLY CLOTHED psycho from borderlands. maybe it's the gamer in me. and maybe it's the fact that i love covering myself up with clothing, but i honestly don't understand how 90% of people see "halloween" and think "GONNA SHOW OFF MY TITS!" like what the fuck, bitch, why the fuck do you feel the need to show off your body? what the fuck is the point? do you think some guy's gonna come up to you and say, "HEY SEXUAL. you're dressed a slutty panda, let's have sex." i think people need to learn how to wear fucking clothes, but you know, that's just me.

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