they aren’t gamer girls. they’re whores who found an xbox controller (i say xbox because i refuse to support gaystation). posting pictures in slutty clothing holding an xbox controller? i game so much it’s ridiculous, and i have never nor will i ever post a picture of myself holding an xbox controller. girls post pictures to impress guys. i’m sorry, do you think that if a guy sees you with a gaming controller they’re just gonna fall in love? no. what do you play? black ops zombies? shocker. playing a bonus feature of a game, such as black ops zombies, is not gaming. it’s try hard pathetic. and i can almost guarantee that you suck raging boners at every game you play. i soloed 56 on der riese on zombies. and don’t get me wrong, sure, some girls do game, but if you post pictures of yourself gaming then you don’t do it because you enjoy, you do it because you’re an attention whore. i honestly wouldn’t be shocked if some bitches just bought an xbox controller (had no xbox or anything, just the controller) and just did a fucking photo shoot. put down the xbox controller and go back to your corner. i find it astounding what some retards do for attention, but you know, that’s just me.

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